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Senate News

Legislature Votes to Extend Session

The legislature voted to extend the 2021 session until April 30, and then to recess for an extended period rather than to adjourn.

Senate Votes to Grant Nurse Practitioners Independent Practicing Authority

The Senate has approved legislation to grant to certified nurse practitioners full and independent practice authority. The nurses would need about three years, or 6,240 hours, of practice under a collaborative agreement with a physician in order to earn the right to practice independently.

Senate Approves ARHOME, new version of Medicaid expansion

The Senate passed a new version of the Medicaid expansion program, which is one of the most important bills of this year’s session because of the number of people it benefits and the amount of money that it generates in Arkansas.

Legislature Enacts Near Total Ban on Abortions in Arkansas

Both chambers of the legislature have approved a bill that prohibits abortions, except if necessary to save the mother’s life in a medical emergency.

Senate Approves Broad Tax Relief Measure

The legislature has approved a broad tax relief measure for businesses that were affected by the pandemic.

House Bill 1361 exempts income that people and businesses received through numerous disaster relief programs, such as the popular Paycheck Protection Program.