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Senate Composites 1866-Present

The Senate composite photographs are taken every two years at the beginning of each new General Assembly.

The Arkansas Senate composites from 1911 to present are hanging on the walls on the third and fourth floors of the south end of the Capitol building. The General Assembly started to use the current Capitol Building in 1911. In some of the early years the composites also included Senate staff, Senate session employees and Senate. Starting in 1915 to today the Senate has kept this tradition and still includes all full-time Senate staff and session employees on the composites.

The 68th General Assembly (1971) was the last year that included pictures of the Senate pages on the composites. Presently, students from ages 12 to 18 generally serve as a page for one day for the Senator from their district. Fifty years ago and all the way back to the beginning of statehood a Senator’s child or family friend’s child would be a page for the entire session. You can pick out some past and present Senators that had their picture taken when they were a senate page.

If you visit the south end and want to see a certain composite; the most current years are closer to the Senate Chamber doors and are on both sides of the hallway on the third floor. The earlier years are on the fourth floor on the Senate side of the Capitol building.

The Arkansas Senate would like to thank the Old State House Museum, the Arkansas State Archives (both agencies of Department of Arkansas Heritage) and the Secretary of State’s office for these digital copies of the Arkansas Senate composites.