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Members of Senate Education Committee Already Working on Adequacy Report for 2025

As soon as the 2023 legislative session adjourned, the Senate and House Committees on Education began work on school funding in preparation for the 2025 session. Every two years the committees issue an adequacy report that sets a level of state funding of public schools that will comply with the state Constitution and state Supreme Court orders in school funding cases.

DHS Redetermining Eligibility of Thousands of Medicaid Recipients

The Arkansas Medicaid program is re-examining the cases of hundreds of thousands of recipients to determine whether or not they remain eligible for services. By the end of April 72,802 cases were closed.

Numerous Public Safety Laws Enacted During 2023 Legislative Session

The major provisions of the new Protect Arkansas Act are well known, but they are only a few of the many measures passed during the 2023 regular session.

2023 Legislative Session Adjourns; Interim Committees Prepare for Busy Summer

The scheduled finish of the 2023 regular session of the legislature is May 1, when lawmakers adjourn sine die. However, during the interim legislators will have plenty of influence over the daily operations of state government. The Legislative Council meets regularly to closely monitor state agency policies.

Legislature Enacts Measures to Protect Children

During the 2023 session the legislature enacted a series of bills designed to protect children from exposure to sexually inappropriate literature, live performances and Internet sites.

Arkansas Legislature Reduces a Variety of Taxes

During the 2023 regular session the Arkansas legislature not only continued to lower state income taxes, but also reduced homeowners’ property taxes. Act 315 lowers property taxes by increasing the homestead property tax credit from $375 to $425 a year. It is effective beginning with assessment year 2023

Arkansas Legislature Lowers State Income Taxes by $124 Million a Year

The Legislature easily passed legislation to save Arkansas families about $100 million a year in lower income taxes. The bill also lowers corporate income taxes and will save Arkansas businesses about $24 million a year.

Arkansas Senate Approves Criminal Justice Legislation

The Senate has approved legislation that lengthens prison sentences for violent offenders and requires prison inmates to work harder to qualify for parole.

Legislature Considers List of Proposed Constitutional Amendments

In every regular session the legislature can refer up to three proposed constitutional amendments to voters. The measures referred during the 2023 session will be on Arkansas general election ballots of November, 2024. If a majority of voters approve, the amendments will become part of the state Constitution.

Legislature Enacts Host of Election Reform Laws

The legislature has advanced a long list of bills to prevent voter fraud and protect the integrity of elections.

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