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Legislators Approve Additional $30 Million For Mental Health Services and Substance Abuse Treatment

Arkansas legislators approved a $30 million expenditure to improve mental health services and treatment of substance abuse.

Number of Children in Foster Care Going Down, But Challenges Remain

The state Division of Children and Family Services has intensified preventative services in troubled families, and managed to lower the number of children in foster homes.

Legislators Approve Emergency Rules for Literacy Tutoring Grants

The families of about 20,000 elementary students will soon be notified that they are eligible for a $500 grant to pay for tutors to help their children learn to read at grade level.

David Wallace - Press Release

Arkansas State Senator David Wallace (R-19th Dist.) today announced a new legal opportunity for survivors of childhood sexual abuse in Arkansas to seek civil justice and accountability against their perpetrators – a second two-year revival window beginning February 1, 2024 during which claims can be brought.

Medical Group Recommends Ways to Improve Maternal Care in Arkansas

A group of physicians and nurses conducted an in-depth study of the deaths of pregnant women in Arkansas and submitted their recommendations to the Legislative Council.

They recommend that maternity care providers should increase their understanding of the need to screen for chronic health conditions such as cardiovascular disease, which can worsen during pregnancy and which is a leading cause of pregnancy-related deaths.

Arkansas Broadband Office Gathering Input on State Plan

The freezing weather may have prevented citizens from appearing in person at three public hearings held by the Arkansas Broadband Office to gather input about plans to expand and improve Internet access in the state. However, there is still time to submit comments. Arkansans have until January 25 to submit their comments online at That is the web address of ARConnect, the state Broadband Office.

Senate Education Committee begins work on adequacy and equity report

The Senate Education Committee has begun its review of the adequacy and equity of Arkansas public school funding.

Lower Unemployment Insurance Taxes Take Effect in 2024

Thanks to legislation passed last year, Arkansas businesses will save about $31 million in taxes paid for unemployment insurance in 2024.

Multi-million dollar tax cuts take effect in 2024

Numerous state laws will take effect in 2024, including tax reductions that will save Arkansas families and businesses about $250 million a year.

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