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Senate News

Legislators Try to Lower Maternal Mortality Rates

The rate of maternal mortality in Arkansas is above the national average, so earlier this year the legislature created a review committee to develop new strategies for preventing women from dying during childbirth.

State Announces Plan to Expand Broadband Access in Under-Served Areas

The goal of the new Arkansas State Broadband Plan, announced by the governor, is to make high-speed Internet access available to all communities of more than 500 people by the year 2022.

New Workforce Plan to Reduce Duplication of Programs

Job training and workforce education are offered by numerous government entities in Arkansas. 

DYS Begins Series of Far-Reaching Changes in Treatment of Juvenile Offenders

The Division of Youth Services (DYS) has already begun to make sweeping changes in how the state treats juvenile offenders.

Legislature Officially Adjourns 2019 Regular Session

The legislature officially ended the 2019 regular session when it adjourned sine die on April 24.

Legislature Refers Three Proposed Amendments to Voters

During the recent regular session, the legislature referred three proposed constitutional amendments to Arkansas voters.

Legislature Passes Balanced Budget, Completes 2019 Regular Session

The legislature completed the 2019 regular session after finalizing a balanced budget of about $5.75 billion in general revenue for next fiscal year.

Lethal Injection Records to Become Confidential

The Correction Department will keep secret any records about lethal injection and carrying out the death penalty, under a bill that exempts those records from the state Freedom of Information Act.

Legislature Refers Term Limits Proposal to Arkansas Voters

The Senate voted to refer to Arkansas voters a term limits amendment that would restrict future legislators to 12-year terms.

Legislature Considering More Tax Cuts

The Senate has already approved several large tax cuts this session, and another one is on its agenda.