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Senate News

Legislature Enacts Host of Election Reform Laws

The legislature has advanced a long list of bills to prevent voter fraud and protect the integrity of elections.

Legislative Activity Hits High Gear

The governor’s historic reform of Arkansas education is now law. Dozens of other important measures were advanced out of committee and approved by the Senate and House of Representatives. Both chambers approved HB 1419 to change the rules for citizens’ groups trying to place an issue on statewide ballots. Currently, supporters of an initiative or proposed amendment must submit signatures from at least 15 counties. HB 1419 would require a minimum number of signatures from 50 counties. Arkansas has 75 counties.

State announces new effort to recruit foster families

State government and a host of private organizations announced a new effort to recruit more foster families, streamline the process of placing foster children with relatives and accelerating the process for the permanent adoption of children.

Senate Approves Sweeping Education Reforms

The Senate has approved legislation that makes the single largest investment in public education in Arkansas history. Senate Bill 294, the governor’s education package, has 144 pages and 25 Senate co-sponsors.

Arkansas to Seek Work Requirement for Medicaid Expansion Program

Arkansas is changing the eligibility requirements for people who are enrolled in ARHOME, a category of Medicaid the program. Beginning next year they will have to work, volunteer in their community or continue their education in order to continue receiving benefits.

Legislature Prepares for Far-Reaching Education Proposals

Backed by a host of legislators, the governor revealed details of her education package. The proposed changes in public school funding would be numerous and far reaching. They include large increases in teacher pay and the expansion of literacy programs for young children.

Senate Approves Legislation Repealing the Licensure of Abortion Facilities

The Senate passed legislation to repeal language in state law allowing medical facilities to be licensed in order to perform abortions.

Senate Addresses Wide Variety of Issues

The first three weeks of the 2023 legislative have session have been remarkable for the wide variety of issues the Senate has addressed.

Legislation Being Written to Overhaul Parole and Sentencing

There are many stages in the process of convicting criminals and sentencing them to prison. Senate Bill 2, the “Truth in Sentencing and Parole Reform Act of 2023,” will change many of them.

Senate Confirms Governor's Cabinet Appointments

The 2023 legislative session got off to a smooth start. The full Senate confirmed the governor’s secretarial nominations, and Senate committees got their initial organizational meetings out of the way.

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