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Arkansas Renews Focus on Protecting Children in Vulnerable Families

Even though Arkansas has taken major steps to improve foster care over the past several years, the Division of Children and Family Services intends to do even better at recruiting foster families and providing services to children at a younger age.

Legislature Lowers Income Taxes for Individuals and Businesses

In a four-day special session, the legislature lowered state taxes by almost $250 million this year. Legislators also approved the governor’s proposal to prohibit state and local government officials from requiring proof of Covid vaccinations in order to qualify for services, employment or education. Arkansas had a ban in effect, but it expired in August.

Senate Bill Provides Free Lunches to Students from Low-Income Families

Thanks to a Senate bill that became law earlier this year, thousands of Arkansas students will qualify for free lunches at school. Act 656 of 2023 was approved by an overwhelming majority of senators. It benefits children from families with low incomes by eliminating the requirement that they pay a reduced price for lunch. Instead, lunch is free.

Legislators to Review and Clarify Arkansas Gun Laws

Over the course of the upcoming year legislators will study all the various laws in Arkansas governing firearms, with the intent of simplifying them.

Participation in College Sports at Record Level in Arkansas

Participation in athletics at Arkansas institutions of higher education has increased in recent years, even as total enrollment at colleges and universities has gone down.

New Laws Will Protect Integrity of Elections

The Arkansas legislature enacted a lengthy list of new laws to strengthen the integrity of the elections.

Back to School is Historic This Year in Arkansas

This year back to school activities in Arkansas have historic importance, thanks to the far-reaching changes in Act 237 of 2023.

Hundreds of New State Laws Take Effect on First of August

Most of the bills that were approved by the legislature earlier this year became law on August 1.

Highway Commission Commemorates "Connecting Arkansas Program," Approved by Voters 10 Years Ago

The Arkansas Highway has held four events around the state to commemorate the 31 projects paid for with a half-cent sales tax approved by voters 10 years ago. In 2012 Arkansas voters approved the sales tax increase and since then it has generated about $1.8 billion in revenue, which has paid for improvements to about 200 miles of highway. The projects are collectively called the Connecting Arkansas Program, or CAP, and they represent one of the largest highway programs in the history of the state.

Sales Tax Holiday coming on Saturday, August 5, and Sunday, August 6

Every year the sales tax holiday is the first weekend in August. This year it will be Saturday, August 5, and Sunday, August 6.

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