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Latest News on Efforts to Contain the Spread of the Coronavirus

Latest News on Efforts to Contain the Spread of the Coronavirus

Arkansas Hires More Contact Tracers

The state will hire 350 more contact tracers to help control the spread of the coronavirus. After the funding is allocated to pay them, it will bring the state’s total to 900.

Arkansas Begins Phase Two of Reopening

As Arkansas began Phase Two of its gradual reopening of businesses and social activities, the governor issued three executive orders related to the coronavirus outbreak.

Federal Court Upholds Arkansas's Execution Process

A federal judge upheld the constitutionality of lethal injection procedures used in Arkansas for carrying out the death penalty.

State Revenue Decline Reflects Economic Impact of Pandemic

State revenues have gone down because of the economic consequences of the coronavirus outbreak, but not as much as Arkansas budget officials had feared.

More than 10,000 Arkansas Companies Receive Ready for Business Grants

More than 10,500 Arkansas businesses have been approved for grants to reimburse them for the expenses of protecting the health of employees and customers.

The grants are worth up to $100,000, and the total amount of approved grants is about $115 million. They were made available through the Ready for Business Program.

Senate Committee to Assess Impact of Education Waivers on Public Schools

May 22, 2020

LITTLE ROCK – In June the Senate Education Committee will hear a report on the effect that public schools have seen due to the recent widespread requests for waivers from education standards.

Supply Chain Disruptions Affecting Decisions by Arkansas Cattlemen

Disruptions in the food supply chain have forced Arkansas cattlemen and farmers to make financial decisions today that will affect the supply and demand of food over the coming months and years.

State Lists Restrictions on Renewed Church Services

Arkansas is gradually opening up businesses and public activities, under careful monitoring by public health officials to avoid bringing on a second wave of the coronavirus. The governor announced that church services may resume, as long as the congregation wears masks and everyone stays at least six feet from each other.