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Weekly Updates

Legislature Convenes 2024 Fiscal Session

The legislature convened the fiscal session and will spend the next month working on a $6.3 billion budget for the fiscal year that begins July 1.

Application Period Begins for Next Year's Education Freedom Accounts

Parents can now apply to the state Education Division for Education Freedom Accounts for next year.

State Prepares for Traffic Disruptions During April 8 Eclipse

Several state agencies are preparing for increased traffic from out-of-state tourists who will drive to Arkansas on Monday, April 8, to view the solar eclipse. They’re planning for traffic disruptions even in parts of the state that will not experience the full effect of the eclipse.

Legislators Search for Solutions to Rising Property Insurance Rates

Arkansans who own a home or a business are becoming more aware that the cost of insurance coverage is going up significantly. Legislators are looking for ways to bring the cost down again.

Legislators Replenish Safe Drinking Water Revolving Loan Fund

A legislative committee voted to add $25.2 million to a revolving loan fund for safe drinking water projects.

Legislators Hold Budget Hearings Before Fiscal Session

Legislators held budget hearings to scrutinize every spending category in state government, in preparation for the fiscal session that begins April 10.

Legislators Looking at Solutions to School Property Insurance Spikes

The legislature has been working on a long-term, sustainable solution to the spike in property insurance costs of Arkansas schools.

Legislators Approve Additional $30 Million For Mental Health Services and Substance Abuse Treatment

Arkansas legislators approved a $30 million expenditure to improve mental health services and treatment of substance abuse.

Number of Children in Foster Care Going Down, But Challenges Remain

The state Division of Children and Family Services has intensified preventative services in troubled families, and managed to lower the number of children in foster homes.

Legislators Approve Emergency Rules for Literacy Tutoring Grants

The families of about 20,000 elementary students will soon be notified that they are eligible for a $500 grant to pay for tutors to help their children learn to read at grade level.

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