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Weekly Updates

Legislation Being Written to Overhaul Parole and Sentencing

There are many stages in the process of convicting criminals and sentencing them to prison. Senate Bill 2, the “Truth in Sentencing and Parole Reform Act of 2023,” will change many of them.

Senate Confirms Governor's Cabinet Appointments

The 2023 legislative session got off to a smooth start. The full Senate confirmed the governor’s secretarial nominations, and Senate committees got their initial organizational meetings out of the way.

Legislature Convenes 2023 Regular Session

School choice, prison expansion and tax cuts are expected to be the highlights of the 2023 regular legislative session that convenes on Monday, January 9.

Senate Will Have 13 Newcomers When 2023 Session Convenes

When the 2023 regular session convenes on January 9, there will be 13 new members in the Arkansas Senate.

Legislative Council Approves Funding for Broadband, Courts, Rural Hospitals and Prison Expansion

Legislators finished the calendar year with a final round of recommendations for spending federal relief funds and reserve funds. The recommendations include using another $93.8 million for broadband projects and $20 million to upgrade computerized case management for the state court system. Also, $6.25 million was recommended to help cover the expenses of opening the new Sevier County Medical Center.

State Awards $270 Million For Water and Wastewater Projects

The state Natural Resources Commission has awarded $270 million in grants for 157 drinking water and wastewater projects in 58 counties. Work will begin in 2023 on the projects and they must be completed before the end of 2026.

Legislature Responds to Growing Alzheimer's Crisis

Arkansas has been developing a statewide response to the growing health crisis created by Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. During the 2023 session the legislature will consider a series of proposals brought by the Alzheimer’s and Dementia Advisory Council, which was created by Act 319 of 2021.

Lawmakers Pre-File Bills in Advance of 2023 Legislative Session

Arkansas lawmakers have begun pre-filing bills in advance of the 2023 legislative session, which begins on January 9.

Interest in Record Powerball Jackpot Drives Sales of Lottery Tickets

A record prize in the Powerball lottery generated increased ticket sales in Arkansas in October. Increased sales of lottery tickets generated an additional $2.1 million for college scholarships, compared to the same month last year.

Grants Now Available for Prevention, Treatment of Opioid Abuse

Funds are now available from the settlement of a massive lawsuit against opioid distributors, and will be awarded to projects that have demonstrated effectiveness in combating the abuse of painkillers.

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