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Weekly Updates

Added Slots For Virtual Statewide Charter Schools Have Been Approved

Two new virtual statewide charter schools have been approved by the  Arkansas Board of Education.

Forestry Division Provides Services in Urban Areas Too

The state Forestry Division is known for managing woodlands, helping control fires and supporting rural fire departments. Not so well known is its work in cities and towns. In mid-May, the division hosted forestry professionals from across the Southeast for a training event designed to improve the skills of Urban Strike Force Teams.

Lockheed Martin and Airbus to Manufacture Air Force Refueling Systems in Arkansas

Lockheed Martin and Airbus executives announced that western Arkansas would be the location of a new plant to manufacture the LMXT strategic tanker boom refueling system for the U.S. Air Force.

Broadband Consultant Presents Road Map to Legislators

Arkansas is making a massive public investment to bring broadband access to every corner of the state. Last year the state hired a consultant firm, Broadband Development Group (BDG), to develop a master plan. The firm’s chief technical officer made a lengthy presentation to the legislative Joint Performance Review Committee.

New Laws Will Change Voting Procedures for May 24 Primary Election

Last year the legislature enacted a series of new election laws, and four of them were challenged in court by plaintiffs who argued that they restricted voting rights.

Reparations Board Helps Pay Certain Expenses Incurred by Crime Victims

The Arkansas Crime Victims Reparations Board last year awarded claims to 1,900 crime victims; 1,335 were victims of sexual assault and 565 were victims other crimes.

Consultants Release Statewide Map of Broadband Access

A six-month survey of Internet access in Arkansas has been completed, and state officials now have a more accurate roadmap of which regions need more investment in broadband technologies.

Medicaid Waivers to Eliminate Waiting List for People with Developmental Disabilities

At their first meeting scheduled after Easter, lawmakers heard an update on new rules and new funding that will eliminate a waiting list for services for people with developmental disabilities.

Arkansas Teacher Salaries Rank 47th in Nation

Average teacher salaries in Arkansas ranked 47th in the nation in 2020, down from 46th in 2019 and 44th in 2018.

Prison Officials Work to Lower Recidivism Rate

The recidivism rate for Arkansas prison inmates is 46.1 percent, a rate which the head of state prisons called unacceptable.

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