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Weekly Updates

Influence of PEER Subcommittee Grows With Influx of Federal Relief Funding

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic Arkansas has received billions of dollars in federal relief funding. The PEER subcommittee of the Legislative Council has grown significantly in importance because it reviews how state agencies, institutions of higher education and public schools proposed to spend those federal relief dollars.

Education Committee Finalizing Report on Adequacy

The Senate and House Committees on Education are scheduled to vote on next year’s adequacy report at their meeting in early October.

Legislators Recognize and Promote Intersection of Arts and Technology

At first glance, arts and technology would appear to be opposites in how they are taught and how they affect economic development. However, a bipartisan group of legislators has been working since 2018 to build the case that there is a crucial intersection where the arts and technology meet.

Agencies Cooperate to Lower Crime Rate

In July seven parolees were arrested and 18 weapons were seized. Their sentences will reflect the stronger penalties imposed by Act 946 of 2021, which enhances penalties for repeat offenders who use a firearm to commit felonies. The act prohibits them from being released on parole.

Arkansas to Expand Medicaid Services for Pregnant Women

Arkansas has begun the process of expanding Medicaid services so that more pregnant women can qualify for the government health care program.

Legislature Cuts Income Taxes for Millions of Arkansans

The legislature concluded a quick, three-day special session after approving income tax cuts that will save 1.6 million Arkansas taxpayers about $500 million.

Legislature Creates $50 Million Grant Program for School Safety Upgrades

When it meets in special session the legislature will consider a $50 million grant program for school safety measures.

Water Systems Ask for Access to Relief Funding

The joint Senate and House Committees on City, County and Local Affairs met to explore methods of funding of much-needed improvements to water and sewer systems across Arkansas.

Sales Tax Holiday Set for August 6 and 7

Every year the sales tax holiday is the first weekend in August. This year it will be Saturday, August 6, and Sunday, August 7.

Proposed Constitutional Amendments Would Legalize Recreational Marijuana and Block Casino in Pope County

Two interest groups submitted petitions to the Secretary of State seeking to have two proposed constitutional amendments placed on the November general election ballot.

One would legalize marijuana and the other would remove Pope County as a possible site for a gambling casino.

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