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State, cities and counties to share settlement of opioids lawsuit

In a settlement of a major lawsuit, pharmaceutical manufacturers who make and market opioids will pay $216 million to Arkansas cities, counties and state government.

Even in Pandemic, AEDC Incentives Attract Job Creating Industries

Business activity was severely affected by the pandemic last year across most areas of the economic spectrum, from the largest corporations to small businesses and individual wage earners. In spite of the challenges created by the pandemic, the Arkansas Economic Development Commission signed incentive agreements for 48 projects that will create or preserve 2,917 jobs in the state. The average wage of those jobs is $22.10 an hour.

Statement from Senator Missy Irvin, Senate Education Committee Chair

Statement from Senator Missy Irvin, chair of the Senate Education Committee:

"I am so pleased to learn that all the parties have come to an agreement that will allow Mr. Nick Smith, Jr. the eligibility to play basketball during his senior year of high school, and I commend his parents for being strong advocates for their son."

Revenue Forecast Revised Upward

State government will collect more in tax revenue this year than previously estimated, according to a revised forecast by the Department of Finance and Administration.

Legislative Action Holds Down Workers' Comp Rates

The market for workers’ compensation insurance remains competitive in Arkansas, thanks to efforts by the legislature to hold down rates.

Legislature Draws New Congressional District Boundaries

In an extension of this year’s regular session the legislature drew new boundaries for the four Congressional districts in Arkansas, and approved exemptions for workers at companies that require staff to be vaccinated against the Covid-19 virus.

Legislature Convenes to Draw New Boundaries For Congressional Districts

The legislature reconvened to draw new boundaries for the four Congressional districts in Arkansas, and to consider responses to federal vaccination mandates.

State Legislature Reconvenes to Draw New Congressional District Boundaries

The Senate and House Committees on State Agencies and Governmental Affairs are reviewing bills to draw new geographic boundaries for the four Congressional Districts in Arkansas.

State Colleges and Universities Report Fall Semester Enrollment

Enrollment has dropped at many state-supported colleges and universities because of disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Legislature to Redraw Congressional Districts

The legislature is preparing to convene again on September 29, to redraw boundaries of the four Congressional districts in Arkansas.

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