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Arkansas Legislative Council-Occupational Licensing Review Subcommittee

Analyst: Karlie Cooper
Administrative Assistant: Kristy Hutchinson

This subcommittee was created on May 17, 2019 by action of the Legislative Council for the purpose of conducting a periodic comprehensive review of all occupational authorizations and the occupational entities that issue them; to determine and implement the least restrictive form of occupational authorization to protect consumers from significant and substantiated harms to public health and safety, as required by Act 600 of the 2019 Regular Session; To this subcommittee shall be referred all matters pertaining to the review of occupational licensing; and otther matters the subcommittee considers necessary to perform its duties as prescribed by law; and other duties as assigned to the subcommittee by the Legislative Council.


Representative Stephen Meeks

Clint Penzo

Senator Clint Penzo


Representative Cindy Crawford

Additional Members