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Sen. Trent Garner requests $50 million for veterans services

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September 3, 2020

Senate Information Office: 501-682-5954

LITTLE ROCK – Senator Trent Garner of El Dorado and five Senate colleagues have request $50 million in CARES Act funding for services to help veterans cope with health issues worsened by the coronavirus pandemic.

The funds would go to the state Veterans Affairs Department, which would distribute grants to non-profit groups that work directly with veterans. Garner said that support for peer-to-peer groups and clinics would be emphasized.

“The pandemic worsened an already difficult situation for veterans. Suicide rates among veterans have been going up and now we know that female veterans are being disproportionately affected,” Garner said.

“Our request is for a very cost efficient way to use CARES Act funds, because the veterans clinics and non-profits that serve them are already up and running,” Garner said. “They already have health records on file. They already know the case histories of their clients. Even if they are able to add to their list of clients, none of the CARES funding would be used for start up costs.”

Joining Garner in the request are Senators Gary Stubblefield of Branch, Dave Wallace of Leachville, Breanne Davis of Russellville, Ricky Hill of Cabot and Bob Ballinger of Ozark.

Garner is co-chair of the Legislative Veterans Caucus and has made veterans’ issues a priority since his election to the Senate in 2016.

CARES Act is an acronym that stands for the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act. It is a stimulus package approved by Congress and signed by President Donald Trump in March to offset the financial impact caused by the coronavirus pandemic.


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