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Advanced Communications And Information Technology - Joint

Analyst: Blake Gilliam
Legislative Attorney: Laura Reynolds
Administrative Assistant: Katie Hickam

The committee makes continuing studies concerning the development of access to statewide public telecommunications networks for distance learning, telemedicine, and universal access for governmental entities and other issues concerning advanced communications and information technology, either initiated by the committee or referred to it by either house of the General Assembly for study in the interim between sessions of the General Assembly. This committee reviews any plan developed or updated by a public instrumentality. The committee may seek the assistance of the Office of Information Technology of the Department of Information Systems in conducting this review. (A.C.A. 10-3-1704) The Committee exercises leadership in the interim between legislative sessions and attempts to coordinate for the various committees of the General Assembly the various activities, studies, and planning activities of the General Assembly that relate to the development of access to a statewide public telecommunications information infrastructure. The Committee cooperates with the Governor, public secondary and postsecondary institutions of education, the appropriate administrative agencies of this state, legislative and administrative agencies and institutions of other states, the federal government, and others in the planning and development of access to a statewide public telecommunications infrastructure linking institutions, businesses, government agencies, schools, hospitals, libraries, communities, and other public and private entities to the national information infrastructure. The Committee exercises appropriate legislative oversight of the operations of the Department of Information Systems. The staff of the Joint Committee on Advance Communications and Information Technology serves as staff liaison to the Department of Information Systems Advisory Board and the Department of Information Systems Steering Committee.


Representative Stephen Meeks

Justin Boyd

Senator Justin Boyd


Representative Jeremy Wooldridge

Additional Members
  • Senator Alan Clark
  • Senator Jane English
  • Senator Terry Rice
  • Senator Ricky Hill
  • Senator Reginald Murdock
  • Senator Linda Chesterfield
  • Representative John P. Carr
  • Representative RJ Hawk
  • Representative Stan Berry
  • Representative Denise Garner
  • Representative David Whitaker
  • Representative Karilyn Brown
  • Representative Denise Jones Ennett
  • Representative Keith Brooks
  • Representative Delia J. Haak
  • Representative Rick McClure
  • Representative Brit McKenzie
  • Representative R. Scott Richardson
  • Representative Grant Hodges
  • Representative Chad Puryear
  • Representative Ryan A. Rose
  • Representative Matt Brown
  • Representative Julie Mayberry
  • Representative Nicole Clowney